Get rid of Ads. Malware. Trackers. Viruses. Telemetry. App Ads. Scam. XXX.

By using AhaDNS Blitz! The new secure and configurable cloud DNS firewall for all your devices and networks.

Why AhaDNS Blitz?

Cloud DNS firewall

What type of domains do you want to block? Blitz is fully configurable to your likings.

Increase your security

Blitz can protect your entire network from millions of online threats 24/7/365.

Speed up your internet

Blitz run on lightning fast hardware and more nodes are constantly added to the network.

Globally distributed

Blitz is distributed on multiple nodes across the world. Downtimes are very unlikely!

Fully encrypted

Traffic is sent in encrypted tunnels, hidden from prying eyes and the public internet.

Strict logging policy

We value your privacy. We do not log or save any personal DNS request data.

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