What is AhaDNS Blitz?

AhaDNS Blitz is the new secure and configurable cloud DNS firewall for all your devices and networks.

Ok, so what does that mean? Maybe you’ve heard about DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH)? Most modern devices already have native support for DoH or soon will have. It currently seems like DoH will become the de facto encrypted DNS standard. Blitz is a cloud DNS service that answers DNS queries over DoH where you also can configure what type of domains you want to block by selecting different blocklists. Or don’t select any blocklists and use Blitz as a secure non-blocking service. It’s entirely up to you.

Blitz is designed with strict security in mind. All traffic to and from our distributed Blitz nodes is transmitted in encrypted tunnels, hidden from prying eyes and the public internet. The Blitz nodes thus do not allow any incoming internet traffic through the firewall, essentially making it harder to spy on your DNS queries or try and attack our servers.

Blitz is also globally load-balanced. It means that when you use Blitz, we will make sure that you won’t experience any downtime. Your queries will automatically be directed towards the closest healthy node. The Blitz network already spans most major cities of  the world. It also supports modern, fast, protocols such as HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 with Quic.

AhaDNS Blitz is the future of DNS and will be under constant improvement. Nodes will regularly be evaluated and added to give you even better latency in new locations. Current features will be tweaked and  new features are to be expected. Take control of your privacy and security online, try it out!

TL;DR Highlights of Blitz:

Cloud DNS firewall

What type of domains do you want to block? Blitz is fully configurable to your likings.

Increase your security

Blitz can protect your entire network from millions of online threats 24/7/365.

Speed up your internet

Blitz run on lightning fast hardware and more nodes are constantly added to the network.

Globally distributed

Blitz is distributed on multiple servers across the world. Downtimes are very unlikely!

Fully encrypted

Traffic is sent in encrypted tunnels, hidden from prying eyes and the public internet.

Strict logging policy

We value your privacy. We do not log or save any personal DNS request data.