Our sponsors

AhaDNS is fortunate to work together with top-rated service providers across the globe.

The way that works is that we (it’s just me so, I) ask a provider if they want to donate hardware to the AhaDNS project. In return, they get mentioned here on the website. It’s important to understand that it’s still only AhaDNS that operates and has access to the servers.

If you want to set-up your own DNS server using our automated Ansible script, then please choose to do so on a machine from any of our sponsors. Why? Because they’re awesome people, reliable, and our Ansible script have been verified to work on their machines. Also, the sponsors will see that it’s beneficial to sponsor AhaDNS when getting new sign-ups. Click on the images below and check them out.

LiteServer have donated a 4 core, 8 GB RAM machine to AhaDNS located in the Netherlands. LiteServer have been in the business since 2007 and provide VPS hosting services in 4 different datacenters using enterprise grade & modern hardware. They operate their own network and today have over 6000 customers.

Linode have given AhaDNS credit so that we can run a 4 core dedicated CPU with 8 GB RAM for a year in their cloud. Linode was founded in 2003 and today have over 800k customers across 11 global markets. Linode have build a cloud platform for innovation, providing a wide range of products for an attractive price.

HostHatch have donated 6 machines, each with 2 cores and 4 GB RAM to AhaDNS. HostHatch was founded in 2011 and today operate their own network in 14 global locations, providing infrastructure-as-a-service to customers from over 100 different countries.